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Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Foley, AL

At the office of Frances H. Hollinger, Attorney at Law, we’re committed to helping our clients in Foley, AL, relieve their debts through our legal bankruptcy services. Whether you’re drowning in credit card debt, behind on your mortgage, or you’re a business owner considering filing corporate bankruptcy, our locally owned and women-operated office is staffed with effective bankruptcy lawyers and a team who has the expertise you need to be one step closer to financial freedom. 

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Eliminate debts you can’t pay when you file for bankruptcy under our legal guidance. Our team has years of experience helping clients just like you file for under the chapter that’s appropriate for their specific situation. 

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Our Experience Matters

Our bankruptcy lawyers will exceed your expectations. With years of experience, we provide effective representation, clear communication, and thorough knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations to properly guide you through bankruptcy lawsuit processes. Staffed with the best legal team in the area, we will help you manage your personal and business debts to give you the fresh start you deserve. 

Our Client Comes First

The staff at the office of Frances H. Hollinger, Attorney at Law, strives to make every client feel confident and comfortable with the team they’re working with. Our bankruptcy attorneys strive to develop a strong relationship with you, answering all of your questions to ensure you understand every step in the process. 

Eliminate Your Debts

If you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney who cares about your financial future, turn to Frances H. Hollinger, Attorney at Law, in Baldwin County and take the first steps towards financial freedom. Call us today to schedule your consultation!